Purecoco is the organic coconut water product sold by Dole Japan, Inc.

Unives Consulting, Inc. along with Jinsky Trading Company based in Sydney, proposed the product concept to Dole, develped the product and arragned the production in the Philippines.

It comes in 330 ml tetrapak and is certified as organic by JAS, Japanese Agricultural Standard. 

Garrett Popcorn Shops

Garrett Popcorn Shops is a Chicago-based company that serves handcrafted groumet popcorn since its founding in 1949. Based on the secret family recipe, they use the highest quality ingredients to deliver an irresistible snacking sensation.

Unives Consulting, Inc. provided consultancy service to Japan Frito-Lay Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Calbee, Inc., during the preparation and initial launching stages of Garrett Popcorn Shops in Japan for store development, promotion and operation.


Racing Simulators

Unives Consulting, Inc. works closely with Excape Entertainment Group that produces the most sophisticated racing simulators. Originally developed for professional drivers practice, the machines can be set to simulate any type of car from Formula-1 to WRC car and any major circuit from Monaco to Suzuka. Unives Consulting, Inc. organized events for various occassion including VIP customers parties for Louis Vuitton Japan and a shopping mall event in Bahrain.