Boxel is a plastic box with elastic membrane originally developed to store and transport
watch parts by INCA S.A. Plastic in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.
Unives Consulting, Inc. has been a sole importer/distributor for Japan since 1993.

Features of BOXEL

This licensed novelty enables to pack delicate, rounded, pointed or deformed objects from different sizes without risk of oxidation. As the packaging is transparent, it enables a visual control.


Every single box can be personalized (logo, added separations). A box with a membrane is made up polystyrol half boxes are provided with a very thin polyurethane membrane. The object would be pinched and hanged up inside the box. As there are hinges and claps it can be re-used.


The depth of a half box can be different from another. The packing has to be ordered per half box, in this way it will be possible to vary the depth of the packing according to the pieces to be packed.


The items numbers which figure in our lists concern always the half boxes. Therefore it is possible to order half boxes. Therefore it is possible to order a half box as follows: 100 mm length, 50 mm wide, 8 mm depth with 100 mm length, 50 mm wide, 25 mm depth half box.


Use of BOXEL

BOXEL is used to store, protect and transport vairous objects including

- Precision mechanical parts

- Electronic circuits

- Jewelry

- Precious stones

- Dentures

- Fossiles